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A press release can be used to inform the public about significant events that have occurred at your business or organization, such as the introduction of a new product, a purchase, or an innovative new project. It is customary to distribute press releases for syndication to regional news outlets, pertinent magazines, and online Press Release Package Cis Countries.

With a small financial investment, press releases are an excellent way to raise your company’s profile because you can post the content on your website and distribute it to other businesses for multiple publications. A press release is an excellent method to “blow your own trumpet” and inform the public about the latest developments at your company. If you would like more information on how we may use the press to help your cause, please get in touch with Tech Write as soon as possible.

Why opt for Press release package Cis Countries?

Our effective and economical Press release package Cis Countries service is available to businesses wishing to connect with influential media contacts in the UK and abroad. Our skilled copywriters in Russia can bring your news story idea to life! The cost doesn’t change, and the procedure is straightforward. With our current media database, you may connect with your target audience and locate the right people.

We are here to support you in reaching your objectives. Our team of seasoned PR specialists is available to assist you if you need guidance or aid. We are transparent and honest about our pricing, and we never withhold any costs or fees from our clients. Send out a press release immediately!


Your Press release package Cis Countries (news) will reach the most relevant audiences since we use a wide range of reliable distribution tactics and approaches. We also target individual journalists, blogs, and local news outlets. Send us your press release as soon as possible using our wire service to increase the number of clients you serve.